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History of Pearson Park

In the mid-nineteenth century Hull was the third most important port in England (after Liverpool and London). Working conditions for the masses in mid-century industrialised towns did not feature much space and sunlight. In 1840 the House of Commons had recommended green space be made available in towns for the working people to enjoy to help them overcome their "state of sloth or listless apathy" on their one day off a week. Thus the concept of "People's Parks" was born.

The park is set between Beverley Road and Princes Avenue,bordering the Avenues and Dukeries areas of West Hull. The land was bought by and given to the people of Kingston upon Hull by Zachariah Charles Pearson, in 1860, when he was Lord Mayor. It comprised 37 acres - 27 of which were allocated for the park and the remainder set aside for the development of grand villas, specifically to attract local businessmen and keep them living within the city limits.

Our aim, as Friends of Pearson Park, is to support the Trustees of the Park in making the park as attractive as possible for everyone, and to preserve its Victorian character and atmosphere of peace and harmony.